Our History

Freyling Mendels is a mixed-use development in the Wealthy Theater Historic District of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Occupying the block between Freyling Pl. and Caulkins St., the restaurant, businesses and living spaces at Freyling Mendels aim to be a vibrant addition to the community. 

Once entirely occupied by small farms, the landscape of Wealthy St. began to shift in the 1870s. When streetcars were introduced to the area, more homes and businesses came with them. One of the first businesses that took root was the Freyling and Mendels Nursery at 1059 Wealthy. The Freyling family lived and worked on this block, running their nursery and landscaping business from a variety of greenhouses and offices.

After three generations and nearly 85 years, the nursery was torn down and the space was devoted to a car wash and later a McDonalds. In the late 1980s the fast food restaurant closed and a variety of smaller businesses occupied the space until Green Cane Property purchased it in 2012.

Following conversations with neighbors and local businesses and in-depth community engagement, the vision for the new Freyling Mendels development took shape. The name was chosen to reflect the rich history of the area. Construction of the current project began in September of 2016 and will be completed in the summer of 2017.